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Centre for Research in Innovation Management

A leading group of innovation scholars.

The word 'innovation:', at an angle, on the cover of an ESRC brochure.Innovation drives progress

Innovation is a major force for progress in business, economy and society. However, it is very difficult to manage and implement effectively.

A special form of management is needed to generate the benefits of innovation. This is CENTRIM's raison d'être. The high quality of our contribution to the field has gained us international recognition.

Stephen Flowers, Despina Kanellou and Nick Marshall at a meeting.

Academics with a difference

  • We undertake research with passion, believing we can make a difference
  • the rigour of social science research adds depth and breadth to our work
  • close work with practitioners brings additional wisdom and insight
  • we create and deliver products and services that help businesses grow.

Andrew and Juan at Juan's deskOur hope

It is true that ‘innovation is the exploitation of new ideas’ — but there is more. Innovation begins with hope: a belief that the future can be better than the past. This makes us researchers with a mission!